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This original version of the La Posta de Mesilla Cook Book was created in 1971 by our beloved founder, Katy. On September 16, 1939, an entrepreneurial 25 year old Katy Griggs opened her “little chile joint” and named it La Posta.  Her uncle, Edgar Griggs, loved his niece and admired her independent streak so much that he actually sold Katy the historic adobe property that would become La Posta for a mere “one dollar, love and affection”. 

With just four tables on a dirt floor, her mother cooking in the back, Katy greeted guests and manned the cash register that day in 1939.   Those that visited La Posta on opening day were treated to New Mexican dishes prepared from century old recipes handed down over the years from the Fountain, Chavez & Griggs Families.  Over 75 years later, La Posta has become a favorite dining spot for locals and visitors alike. 

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