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1865 Corn Exchange Hotel

The Corn Exchange Hotel was operated by John and Augustine Davis, who served some of the finest food in the territory. Notables who dined here included Kit Carson, Billy the Kid, Pancho Villa and President Ullyses S. Grant (twice).

corn exchange rent

1900-1930s Rooms for Rent

George Griggs buys the Corn Exchange compound and rents rooms to various businesses in Mesilla.

1939 Love and Affection

George Griggs agrees to sell one room in the compound to his niece, Katy, for "$1.00 and Love and Affection." Katy decides to open a restaurant but can't decide on a name just yet.

mesilla restaurant
las cruces sun news Sep 13 1939 p 5 

1939 Grand Opening

On September 16, 1939, Katy opens her new restaurant. The first night's attendance is incredible and she runs out of food! But she holds a naming contest and the winning entry is "La Posta Cafe." Katy later changes this to "La Posta de Mesilla," and a legend is born!


1940s Recommended!

Food and restaurant critic Duncan Hines recommends La Posta Cafe in Mesilla, NM in his book, Adventures in Good Eating

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la posta lava room 60s 

1960s Welcome to the Lava Room!

Katy expands her restaurant by buying the other rooms of the compound, decorating them each uniquely for her growing crowd of fans. She decorates one of the rooms with black lava and vines, calling it the "Lava Room."

1970s The La Posta Cookbook

After years of requests, Katy puts together a collection of her most popular recipes as well as tips and tricks for cooking Mexican food. The small cookbook is incredibly popular and prized by fans of La Posta for generations.

USS New Mexico SSN 779

2009 La Posta Goes to Sea!

In 2009 La Posta de Mesilla was chosen to represent the state in the newly commissioned, USS New Mexico nuclear submarine. The galley was named La Posta Abajo de Mar - or La Posta under the sea. In addition to this naming honor, cooks from the submarine have spent time at La Posta to learn our special recipes, which are then made and served to the sailors!

2013 One of the Best!

In 2013 USA Today honored us by naming La Posta de Mesilla one of the Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in the entire United States!

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