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This past September we introduced two new wines that we’ll be featuring as our specialty wines, and each of them are quite special. The first is La Posta Fazzio Malbec, and the second is La Posta Tinto Red Blend.

Now you don’t have to look very closely to see that the wines share their names with us. In fact, even when looking at the Art Deco labels on the bottles you would immediately think these wines were made specifically for us – or that at least we had a hand in their design.


The truth though is that the La Posta on the labels isn’t us, but is instead a tavern in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, where these wines are produced. The story of this place is almost as delightful as our own.

Surrounding Mendoza, on the Eastern foothills and high plains of the Andes Mountains, are dozens of small vineyards that have been producing delicious, robust wines for generations. Each of these vineyards is what we now think of as “craft”, in that they make small batches of their wines in very traditional ways.

Each day, after long hours of tending their vines and checking their barrels, the winemakers gather at a place called “La Posta del Vinatero”, or “Tavern of the Grape Grower”. There they swap stories about their day, their craft, the weather and even the soil. They’ve been doing this for decades. This is the place where they were met by an importer from California who tasted and marveled at the quality of wines made in these small, family-owned vineyards.

Vine Connections, the importer in question, quickly created a grower’s group they naturally called “La Posta” so they could bring the very best of their wines into the United States.

Here at La Posta we fell in love with two of them – the Fazzio Malbec and the Tinto Red Blend.


The Fazzio Malbec is a robust, full-flavor wine with red currant and cassis notes, and supple tannins. The Tinto Red Blend features Fresh red fruit with hints of baking spice and oak.


Each of these compliments the spicy red or green chile recipes here at La Posta de Mesilla. Try a glass of either or each the next time you stop in, and surrender to the romance and traditions of the La Posta in Argentina.