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red chile fields

La Posta de Mesilla has been a proud member of the Mesilla Valley Community for almost 80 years. During that time, we have acquired and used tons of ingredients from local farmers and suppliers to make our delicious food. As we make our way into this harvest season, we wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of the local people we know who have been delivering the freshest and highest quality produce to us for years!

Perhaps our oldest supply connection is with Chavez Farms. Formerly, Anna Chavez, owner and operator of Chavez Farms, and now her granddaughter, Brianna Montano, who farm just five short miles north of La Posta de Mesilla off of Shalem Colony Trail, have been providing La Posta de Mesilla our red chile and jalapenos for over 50 years. We've become famous for our signature red chile dishes. Much of that fame is due in large part to the pride and TLC (tender loving care) that Ms. Chavez and now how her granddaughter, Brianna, take in providing us with quality, sun-dried, red chile.

The secret to our delicious salsa is Chavez Farms jalapenos! These jalapenos are grown right here in the Mesilla Valley, just a stone’s throw from the tranquil Rio Grande with the majestic Organ Mountains as a backdrop!

For green chile, there is only one place to get it from: Hatch, New Mexico! We buy our Hatch Green Chile from Young Guns Produce, owned by Chris and Tammy Franzoy and located in Hatch, NM. The Franzoy family immigrated from Austria to the Hatch Valley and began farming there in the late 1800s. In 1930, Chris’ grandfather planted the first green chile in Hatch. You know the rest of the story! Hatch Green Chile is now famous throughout the world for its delicious flavor and tongue-tingling taste.

harvest chiles

Young Guns Produce is now one of the largest suppliers of fresh Hatch Green Chile to retail outlets nationwide. Their popularity is probably owed to the fact that they stay traditional. They fire roast their chiles instead of baking or steaming them, thus bringing out the flavor of the pepper. You can taste it in many of our popular green chile dishes.

Another important ingredient we source locally is the pecan. We proudly use Mesilla Valley Pecans in our Mesilla Valley Pecan Pancakes and our famous Mesilla Valley Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita that is rimmed with local honey, green chile salt, and the world’s best crushed pecans. The Mesilla Valley is home to some of the world’s largest producers of pecans including Stahmann and Salopek Farms.

Lastly, is our honey. For decades, we purchased our pure, raw, honey direct from the bee hives of Clayshulte Farms, just down the road from La Posta de Mesilla.  When the Clayshultes retired, they sold their local honey to B's New Mexico Honey Farm, located in Albuquerque, NM, who continues to produce only pure, raw and organic honey. Since 1991, B's has been sourcing honey from throughout the state. The honey we serve with our delightful Sopaipillas, comes from the flowers of the Mesilla Valley! YUMMY!

We were FARM TO TABLE before it was cool!…..Having served the Mesilla Valley some of the finest Mexican Food for nearly 80 years, we hope you enjoyed our stories about some of our friends who have been local sources of our delicious food for decades.  It is very important to us to support our friends in the Valley…. so know that whenever you order food at La Posta de Mesilla, you’re probably ordering something one of our local friends provided us!!!