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La Posta de Mesilla has always been a great supporter of NMSU, its faculty, its staff, and of course, all the students who have worked there over the years. In fact, we have a long history of supporting our neighbor to the east, a history that goes all the way back to our founding in 1939.

In those days, the towns of Mesilla and Las Cruces weren’t nearly as close as they are now. In fact, we were considered out in the country. NMSU as well (at the time called New Mexico A & M), was also fairly far away from Las Cruces city limits. But the students, faculty and staff still found their way to what Katy Griggs use to refer to as her little “chile joint”!!!

And apparently, we were pretty popular! In 1941 we’re mentioned five times in issues of the Round-Up, NMSU’s student newspaper. That February, the pledges from the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority met at La Posta for “a dutch [sic] treat of tacos” after their weekly meeting. They must have enjoyed it because they met here again in March “for a Mexican Dinner.” Then, in April, “El Club Cervantes” held a meeting here where the Consul General of Mexico, “delivered an address in Spanish on Mexican-American relations.” In May, members of the “Newman Club”, a group of Catholic students, held their graduation banquet here, and then finally, in October, the members of the Silver City Lady’s Tennis Team were taken here for dinner after their match.

Over the years, the issues of the Round Up report much more of the same. La Posta was a popular place for dinners, banquets, award ceremonies, and meetings. In that respect we haven’t changed that much at all (we’re still fortunate to host many clubs and groups from NMSU). And one thing that our founder, Katy Griggs, always tried to do was help out the school financially as well. One way she did this was by supporting the Round Up itself through advertising in it.

la posta roundup 1946 small


Above is an ad that ran in 1946. Notice that Katy called La Posta’s mascot by a name that was pretty close to NMSU’s mascot, Pistol Pete. Coincidence? Knowing the shrewd business person that Katy was, probably not! Here’s another of the ads we ran in the Round Up, this time in 1958.

la posta roundup 1958 small


Clearly Katy’s little chile joint had grown! But as much as it has grown, one thing has stayed the same – our commitment to New Mexico State University. Today, one of our owners, Jerean Camunez Hutchinson, is an NMSU Alumni, as well as a proud member of the Board of Regents. We are also proud sponsors of NMSU athletics and many programs on campus.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled at all our local university has accomplished. From their athletics programs – everything from Women’s Volleyball to Men’s Baseball, Basketball and Football – to academics and being named one of the top colleges in the nation, NMSU never ceases to excel. And once again, this year, NMSU will be playing the WAC tournament to earn a spot in the NCAA playoffs. Be sure to support them as much as you can. And thank you for all your support for us over the years!

Go Aggies!