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Soon we will celebrate the latest bottling and release of our Signature Patrón Ultra Añejo Barrel Select, which is distilled exclusively for La Posta de Mesilla.

La Posta was the first restaurant in the State of New Mexico to work with Patrón on an exclusive, signature Tequila. Now, five barrels later, it has become one of the most popular Tequilas not only at La Posta, but in the Southwest.

Each special barrel of anejo tequila was created with traditional, artisanal aspects of production using jimadores (agave farmers) cultivating only the finest highland (or Los Altos) agave - pina's and mule-driven tahona stones to grind the pinas along with roller mill methods. Casa Patron then ages this spirit in a used oak whiskey barrel to instill a unique and exquisite cognac style flavor.

The distillery, that produced the first bottles of Patron Tequila, is one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico and has a long history of making tequila via the traditional methods - cooking agave in stone ovens and then extracting the juice with a Tahona wheel (a large wheel made from natural, locally found stone). Since 2000, they’ve upgraded to a new, larger facility, but the traditional methods of making their tequila hasn’t changed a bit.

The agave used by Patron is also special - they grow it in the Highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco. Fans of Highlands (vs Lowlands) Agave claim the soil at the higher altitude is richer and the pina is sweeter and juicier. Most do note that Patron tequilas have a unique fruitiness to them so this is probably the Los Altos soil enhancing the taste.

Patron tequila is also defined by its mad pursuit for quality. Over 60 hands will touch the hand blown glass bottle of tequila before it's packaged for export to the United States – with each staff member inspecting the bottle as it passes. This process ensures that each and every bottle meets Patron's very stringent requirements.

The tequila is a dazzling gold in color. Held up to the light, it sparkles with sophistication. It has a bold, floral nose with sweet aromas, hints of vanilla bean, wood and perhaps spices like cinnamon or clove. There is also some earthiness to it, with slight woody notes as well.

The taste is a delicious blend of citrus, sweet vanilla and smoky agave in the middle. It finishes smooth with more of the rich, organic wood at the end.

This, our fifth barrel, is definitely one of the most amazing tequilas we’ve ever featured. We’re so lucky to be the only establishment that can feature it. Try it neat or on the rocks on our patio listening to some great music on a cool spring night! Salud!