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roasting green chile

There are really three ways to cook green chile. You can bake it (place in the oven and heat until the flesh is soft and the skin can be peeled)… steam it (place in a steamer and steam until the flesh is soft), or roast it (on a grill or stove top, but preferably with open flames).

Of the three, we think that the traditional method of roasting green chile is the best!!! Baking will work if you don’t have a grill or the time to attend to the chile on the stovetop, but you miss that sweet aroma and taste that burning the skin will give you. Steaming green chile infuses the flesh with water. We think it dilutes the flavor quite a bit (roasting it and baking it, alternatively, concentrates the flavor by cooking out some of the juice).

Around the Mesilla Valley, and in some places around the country, you’ll see large, barrel roasters set up in front of grocery stores selling green chile. In our opinion, these are the best way to get your chile roasted – simply buy a box (or a few) and ask them to roast them for you. There should be no additional cost. After they’re roasted, you simply bag and freeze the chile for future use. However, not everyone is so lucky to have access to a large barrel roaster. If that’s your situation, simply follow the instructions below to roast your own chile!

grilling chile

To roast green chile you’ll need either a grill (preferably a gas grill so you can control the flame), or just a cast-iron skillet for the stove top. You’ll also need a paper sack, enough ziplock freezer bags for the chile you’re roasting, and a cooler with ice water.

1. Heat the grill or cast-iron skillet on medium-high.

2. Once cooking surface is heated, place enough green chile peppers on the surface to cover it, leaving about an inch between each pepper.

3. Roast one side of the pepper until the skin is blackened, then flip over.

4. Repeat until the skin is completely charred.

5. Add green chile with charred skin to paper bag and shake to remove the skin.

6. Place 4-5 chiles in a freezer bag and seal.

7. Drop freezer bag into ice-water to stop the chile from cooking any longer.

8. Add bags to freezer to freeze and use as needed.


NOTE: be sure to wear gloves while bagging the chile, otherwise the juice can irritate your skin. Also, remember not to rub your eyes or nose!