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Once again the La Posta de Mesilla compound has been decorated throughout with lovely and festive decorations to celebrate the Christmas season!

Since our founding in 1939,  we’ve always celebrated Christmas and the holidays by dressing up our restaurant in lovely and unique ways. When Katy first opened the doors to La Posta 80 years ago, things were a tad more modest. She might have only had a couple dining rooms, but she made it feel special by putting up lights, tinsel and a tree.

Since then, as the restaurant expanded, so too have the decorations. When Jerean Camunez Hutchinson and her husband Tom (a.k.a. Hutch) acquired the legendary La Posta de Mesilla in 1996 – a new tradition of celebrating Christmas and the holidays was established in the Southwest, shining new light to the phrase “deck the halls!” Jerean’s Hispanic roots are the core for her passion and love for all things Mexican and a decorating style of “mas y mas” (e.g., more and more) that charms all.

For over twenty-five years, a creative band of designing elves has been delighting the young at heart with a magical creativity that every year distinctly transforms an 1840’s historic adobe building into a festive collection of 15 adobe dining rooms, a patio and two cantinas, each uniquely adorned with “puro” Mexican décor and sparkling lights. Over 20 Christmas trees and wreaths of varying size & whimsical hand-crafted Mexican artwork, flowers, ornaments, “y mas” – artfully enhance each rooms’ vintage ambiance!

A life size Mexican folk-art Nativity created and painted by local artist Kathy Groves is traditionally displayed throughout the La Posta compound. Or perhaps one prefers the traditional life-size Roman Fontanini Nativity surrounded by vintage hand-painted Mexican angels! The unique beauty of La Posta de Mesilla with its’ amazing flair during the Christmas season is a gift to all who wander and dine during the holidays!

And your stop at La Posta de Mesilla during the Christmas holidays would not be complete without trying our famous Christmas Enchilada – topped with both our local red and green chile or indulging in our traditional heart-warming red chile posole with a pumpkin empanada (a la mode) to top off your meal. Feliz Navidad & Happy Holidays!

Below are a few pictures from this year's decorations, we hope you enjoy, and can come by yourself to take a look!

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