Porfidio Barrque Ultra Anejo
Distillery: Inmobiliaria Mast, S.A. de C.V. Region: N/A Barrell: N/A
Distillation: Double Distillation Method: N/A
Oven Type: N/A Extraction Method: N/A NOM: 1462
Description: This limited edition 100% Blue Agave Tequila represents the pinnacle of the distiller's art. Hand crafted in honor of Ponciano Porfidio, Barrique is hand bottled in specially commissioned artisan glass vessels to signal its unique heritage. Aged a minimum of one year until peak maturity in select small 100 liter, French limousin oak casks. Barrique derives its name from this innovative proprietary aging process pioneered by Ponciano Porfidio.
Notes: This Anejo's aromas consist of intense caramel and fruit aspects followed by moderate floral, spice, and smoke. On the lighter side, this Anejo has mild aromas of vanilla and earth. On the tongue, this tequila is mellow and has a heavy mouth feel. While the tequila has heavy agave flavor, it is sweet and syrupy with no bitterness. The flavor of this tequila contains intense notes of agave and caramel followed by moderate fruit, floral, wood, and vanilla aspects. Upon finishing this tequila, there is a very long duration of flavor and numbing alcohol intensity.
Price: $75.00