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One of our most famous dishes here at La Posta de Mesilla is the Tostadas Compuestas! Katy Griggs introduced these to the world back when she opened her restaurant in 1939. Now you can find these fried and filled tortilla cups at a number of places around the country, but at the time they were completely novel. Everybody asks us how we make these. Katy answered that question back in 1971!

(from the La Posta Cook Book, 1971)

The main challenge in preparing Tostadas Compuestas is the ingenuity required to fry the corn tortilla in the proper cup-like shape. Don’t panic! It’s really quite simple.

First, cut four one-inch slits evenly around tortilla. You must fry the individual tortilla in a skillet of deep fat, holding the tortilla down in the center with a round wooden roller having a flat end. The boiling grease will force the tortilla to embrace the roller and form the necessary cup.

Fry until crisp, then drain on a paper towel.

Place two heaping tablespoons of heated chile con carne and beans (frijoles) in each cupped tortilla, then garnish with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and grated cheese. (Looking for a real blend of flavors, substitute the garnish with La Posta slaw). A very colorful dish for festive occasions!!